Recruiting Indonesian Web Designer and Strategic Planner

Tqoon Global provides Platform Service and Consulting for Cross Border E-commerce. We will open an Indonesia Branch soon and need a Web Designer and a Strategic Planner. We made a new Job Description for Perpika in English. You can see the detail below. Please feel free to contact me if you have some questions.
Thank you so much again.

Strategic Planner

Indonesia Language(Native), Korean(Fluent)

Master Degree Preferred

4 years minimum experience in a E-commerce field or Trading-related company

Job Description
-Participate in establishing Indonesia Branch of Tqoon Global and keep communicating with Indonesia Branch
-Research for Indonesia Market
-Prepare for Service for a Cross Border E-commerce(Logistics, Payment solution if necessary)
-Make an Indonesia E-commerce website
-Communicate with vendors

-Excellent written and verbal communication skills in Indonesia language and fluent verbal communication skills in Korean
-The ability to reseach Market condition
-The ability to make strategy to sell products
-The ability to make complex subjects understandable
-A good knowledge of the media and how strategy planning influences it

Web Designer

Indonesia Language(Native), Korean(Fluent)

BA or BS degree in Web Design, Graphic Design, Media Arts or other related field preferred.

3 years minimum experience in a Web design-related company.

Job Description
an exceptional Web Designer to join our Tqoon team in Cross Border E-commerce.
As our ideal candidate, you will create innovative and compelling E-commerce Web site for Tqoon Indonesia.

Excellent skills with design software, which will be used in the design and creative production process.
This includes, but is not limited to, InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
Self-starter, self-motivated, able to work independently

Company Overview
Tqoon Global is an international cross-border e-commerce platform company that is founded in July 2007 and is based in Seoul, Korea. Tqoon started as an online business card company and extended its business to online platform service to help companies to sell products abroad. Tqoon opened 4 branches for India, Japan, China and Singapore as of Aug 2017, and has plans to open a branch in Indonesia in November 2017 and the United States in April 2018. As of Aug 2018, the total number of Tqoon Global employees has reached more than 150. We are expecting revenue of about \23,000,000,000(23billon won) for 2017.
15 days PTO(paid time off)/Year
will get 7 days pto after 3 years
will extra 14 days pto after 5 years
will extra 30 days pto every 2 years after 7 years

More information


General Manager

Jeen Seo
Phone 070-8855-8216